Meteo Tuitjenhorn, weather in the north of North-Holland, since January 1 1990, all weather data is stored, including daily maximum and minimum temperature mand also 10cm themperature are stored in a computer.
Most equipment is placed in the garden of the station . The station collects data ans sent it across the world, so that other organizations such as KNMI, Meteogroup, NOAA, Weather Underground and APRS WXNET this information can use.
A Davis Vantage Pro 2 was purchased on November 1, 2005, every 30 minutes sent the weatherstation data to a computer, and statistics are created by including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill, heat index, precipitation, wind direction, wind speed. The Davis Vantage Pro 2 is placed in the garden of the weather station. The station collects data that are sent across the world so that other organizations such as NOAA, Weather Underground and APRS WXNET this information to use.

Some station records: Highest maximum temperature: 34.9gr on 19juli 2014. Lowest minimum temperature: -17.6 in February 4, 2012 at 10 cm -18.7grC. Wettest month: September 1994 with 222.6mm. Driest month, April 2007 with 0.0mm. Highest precipitation on: August 11, 1994 63.2mm in 40minuten. Highest snow cover: March 2, 2005 29cm

School op bezoek


Vantage Pro2 weather station from Davis

Each year there are regular school visit at the weatherstation in Tuitjenhorn, Of course there is enough time for asking questions about the weather. and the most frequently asked question is always "when did the storm come. If you are interested please contact Meteo Tuitjenhorn


Tuitjenhorn is located in North-Holland, between Alkmaar and Schagen and 6km from the North Sea coast.

Tuitjenhorn is located in the municipality Harenkarspel and is Localized almost in the center of this municipality.
With a distance of 6 km to the North Holland coast, you can really speak of a maritime climate.
Harenkarspel has 2 larger towns Tuitjenhorn with 3050 inhabitants and Warmenhuizen, ± 70% of these villages is new after 1975, and these villages grow still, every year there are more homes to build.
Recently (2001), in Tuitjenhorn placed a statue of professional Gerard Kuiper, the famous astronomer who was born here, and later in America has made many discoveries along with the astronomer Jan Oort about planets and stars.


Weatherman Meteo Tuitjenhorn meets weatherman RTL
On September 6, 2008 weatherman Reinier van den Berg visited Dirkshorn. Meteo Tuitjenhorn weatherman Theo Leijen was present here. In a continuous slideshow of 2 houre about climate change and how we face them in the Netherlands, from melting ice sheets to global warming and sea level rise were clearly explained by the weatherman. When asked who is the best weatherman and who can best predict, there was a modest response of the weatherman who felt that each have its own weather weatherman or woman as his favorite, but he did find Meteo Consult the best weather agency. After the break there were many questions to ask the weatherman, the emphasis of the questions was clear to the changing weatherclimate and temperature rise. After a series of internet movies were many questions asked about the phenomenon of lightning, the origin and consequences. After the show our weatherman has a long time discuss with Reinier v/d Berg about the weather in the past and in the future, and how the interest in the weather from an early age to have been formed.

Reiner v/d Berg and Theo Leijen

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